In The Beginning – John 1:1

Lyrics – Letras

1. In the beginning was the word,
and the word was with God,
and the word was God;
nothing was made that was not decreed
by the pow’r of His word and His sovereign will,
and through Christ all things were made.

He’s the word that creates

He has power to change
hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.
And the light we may see
God’s glory revealed for through Him
everything’s sustained.

2. Christ is the wisdom and pow’r of God;
nature bows at His voice
it had heard once before.
His plan to save us is His design.
The creator of men, he became one of them.
and through Christ we are redeemed,

He’s the wisdom which planned
the poor to be rich,
and the weak men to be strong.
So that those that He called
grow strong in their faith,
through the wisdom that gives us grace.

3. Christ never changes for He is God
and His love is the same never stops, never ends.
Author perfector of our faith,
till the day he returns,
and we’re finally home,
and through Christ hope ever lives.

For the grave could not hold
the creator our Lord.
It is what’s he’s done that saves,
Not our minds nor our will,
but His love and His grace,
It’s in Him that we persevere.

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